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Welcome to PHX Sky Harbor International Airport served by:
Advanced Air
Air Canada Rouge

Air Canada
American Eagle (SKW / ASH)
Breeze Airways
British Airways
Delta Connection-(SKW)
Horizon Air
JetSuite X
Lynx Air
Southern Airways Express
Sun Country
United Express-(SKW)

Phoenix Sky Harbor is served by several major airlines. It is home to American (AAL/AA), as well as Mesa Air (YV), which operates as American Eagle.
Southwest Airlines (WN) is a major force here as well.

Our purpose for this website is to (hopefully) provide news, information and useful links for plane spotters planning a visit to the Phoenix, Arizona area. As well as for those who enjoy commercial aviation in general. Included are many aircraft photos taken by us (Mike and Steve) at PHX. We hope to update the first and middle of each month, minor updates may occur sooner. Mike (Steve's nephew) was born in Arizona. Steve (Mike's uncle) has lived in Arizona since 1979. We've been plane spotting and photographing as a team for a number of years. We've been to many U.S. Airports, and some in Canada and also Sydney, Australia / Auckland, New Zealand / Nadi, Fiji. We've concentrated on just the Phoenix area for this website. We both live a short distance from Phoenix Sky Harbor. While at Sky Harbor, be sure to pick up a copy of the Phoenix Flight Schedule for more information at any of the Terminal Information Booths, compliments of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

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Solar Impulse Across America at PHX

G-BNLM under the bridge

PHX Skytrain

Arizona Coyotes / N129AC

Arizona DPS


Phoenix Coyotes / N757SS

Phoenix Coyotes / N758SS

Phoenix Coyotes / N698SS

Pet Airways at FFZ

Set Jet at SDL


U S Airways / American Airlines merger




Spirit Airlines website

Allegiant Air website

go! website
(Mesa Airlines/Hawaii inter-island service)

go! aircraft arrive at PHX May 2006

Visiting PHX Kunpeng photos
(Mesa Airlines/ Shenzhen Airlines China service)

Kunpeng aircraft arrive at PHX August 2007

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Scanning the Frequencies at PHX
North Tower:118.7
_____________________South Tower:120.9
North Ground:119.75
_________________South Ground:132.55
ATIS (Info):127.575
____________________Final Approach:126.6

Check on the Phoenix forecast and current weather conditions at the local National Weather Service site: NWS PHX
Click here NOAA WEATHER RADIO LIVE BROADCAST (NWS PHOENIX) for a recorded forecast, using most media players .

>Did you know?............Phoenix Sky Harbor celebrated 50 years service in 1985!
(1935-present under City of Phoenix control)